The Examined Life: Our THEME OF THE MONTH for JUNE!

1 Jun


Because by asking that one little question, we uncover the motivation behind the things we do and say– we can more clearly see the things we “stand for.”  And that takes us one step closer to Earnest Living!

See, once you scratch the surface of Cynicism by asking that little “why,” often you’ll find that Snarky things are in fact rooted in fear or sadness.

Wouldn’t it be more accurate, truthful, authentic, and Earnest to just express those root feelings instead of spewing Irony or Sarcasm to mask our true motivations? Yes! Yes! Yes!

And so, we gotta ask, “WHY? ”

And we gotta all the time. But since The Examined Life is our Theme Of The Month, we’ll ask it with a special flare this June!

Thank you to the Examined Life (a co-production of our oh-so-earnest and beloved NFB) for giving us a little food for thought on our first day of asking the Big Questions.


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