“The Science of Being Earnest”

15 Jun

One of my most favourite of our Earnestness Soldiers, Ian Keteku— the artist, poet, journalist, musician, everything extraordinaire– is to thank for the poetry windfall I mentioned yesterday.

A few days ago he sent along this message: “Hi Brianna. So every Wednesday my poetry group and I facilitate spoken word and writing workshops at UMI cafe. You inspired the session on Wednesday in the first half we tackled the literary device of irony, sarcasm etc. Then we talked about earnestness and we all wrote a poem about it. So the following are a couple of the poems. I have more coming in.”

Let’s kick it off with the man who got us hip to the poetic delicacies. Here’s Ian’s poem… which, can I just say one more time, makes me so happy. Enjoy. Be Earnest. Get involved!

The Science of Being Earnest

There are a few parts in the human body that connect and act simultaneously
Any scientist, physician or neurologist would tell you that the sensation of a prick on your finger is not felt the moment the prick happened
A series of synapses, all over the body
Communicate not simultaneously but sequentially

Except for these few parts on the human body!
Lets call them earnest receptors.
As I see it, there are four of these receptors
One in the head
One in the heart
One in the gut
And one, well no one really knows where this last one is

But here is how they work

Say you are watching the news and you hear about a bunch of soldiers taking over an unarmed ship
With a load of goods and supplies
People are killed

Your earnest receptors activate immediately
There is a visceral reaction in your gut – quivering, pushing you to tears
The one in your heart forces it to beat harder, faster
It sympathizes for the dead and injured
The one in your head analyzes the situation
And grades it against the moral fiber of your soul
It tells you this is wrong

I am not sure what the last one does but it plays a part in connecting all the receptors

Either way to ensure you are being earnest you must?
Turn on your receptors
Listen to your receptors
Act on them!


One Response to ““The Science of Being Earnest””

  1. slpmartin June 15, 2010 at 10:13 pm #

    This is just an excellent poem…it reads so very well and its message is strong and clear.

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