World Cup: Tournament of the Sincere

17 Jun

Yep, there’s been lots of talk of the “annoying” buzzing bee sounds emitting from the World Cup broadcasts since the tournament kicked off last week.

Via Andrewthecook on Flickr

Not to mention emails to a certain music service of a certain public broadcaster about a certain K’naan track that’s getting a lot of airplay in light of FIFA.

Holy moley, World Cuppers! It certainly is true that these things can be flat out annoying. Buzzing sounds. A song stuck in your head.

But as the lady who edited the many K’naan World Cup travel diaries that wafted that song at you via the various platforms of the CBC, I’m here to tell you that I heard the song more than most people (though, still nowhere near as many as K’naan and his team… Kudos to them for staying sane after playing the same song over and over, in more than 80 countries as they took their world tour before FIFA!). And yes siree, there were nights where it got stuck in my head and kept me up past my bedtime. And yes, hearing endless buzzing out of the FIFA TVs at work does make it hard to be productive from time to time.

Honestly– to those who are annoyed: I hear you!


In the spirit of our theme this month– The Examined Life– perhaps we should try and scratch away at that annoyance for a second.

Why do we feel annoyed? What is annoyance, anyway? And should our irritation take precedence over the amazingly enthusiastic joy represented by those blaring vuvuzelas, and the beautiful sentiment of that K’naan tune?

I’m not saying I have the answers. I’m just saying we should be asking the questions. And appreciating the World Cup as an event full of exuberance, joy, passion, and fun… touchstones of Sincerity.

The World Cup: A true Festival of Earnestness!

Agree? Disagree? Go Brazil?

Tomorrow: More Earnest poems on the way!


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