I Give Up.

11 Aug

So, it’s been a while since The Earnestness Movement has posted anything. But in all likelihood nobody noticed!

You see, the vast vast VAST majority of people I tell about my dear Movement just don’t get it– Don’t get why I’m so pro-Earnestness/anti-Irony. (“What is Earnestness anyway?” To which I say, “See our F.A.Q. page!” Ha!)

I begged my friends and acquaintances to join my quest to rid the looming, sweaty beasts of Cynicism and Irony from the world I live and work in. So very few stepped up to the plate. Those who did: I cannot thank you enough! Your contributions have so warmed my heart!

Shortly after I made the post below, I began pondering what the next theme-of-the-month should be. And in the midst of my brainstorming, some big things happened in my own life. My partner was offered a job that has taken him to the Caribbean, and he asked me to join him. This raised a lot of questions and ideas and worries for me, obviously(!).

But quite seriously, one thought that kept nagging at me was how my enthusiastic attempts at The Earnestness Movement had resulted in such pathetic uptake… and how in my new home, these things that upset me so much– Irony, Sarcasm, etc– will very likely leave my life in a major way. The Caribbean is not known for its disaffected hipsters.

I may in fact be removing myself from the clutches of Irony. And I may be doing so by saying “YES!” to adventure, love, and playing ukulele on the beach.

And I know you might not believe me, but every day since then, I’ve wondered how to tackle this blog. What to say? What to do? I was paralyzed.

How can I try to dredge my dream of The Earnestness Movement from the muck, when I’ll be too busy being happy and adventurous to bother with petty Sarcasm? Any why should I bother, when so few seem to understand the point of The Movement anyway?

I know that if my plans had unfolded as I had hoped, and I had staged an Official Launch Event of The Movement, there may have been some greater understanding… it might have resulted in more people taking part, which would lead to The Movement being more than me just being sick of Ironic people infecting my life and the lives of folks around me. But now, I won’t be in Canada, which makes it hard to plan an event to welcome new converts to The Movement. And as it is… well… Sigh.

The Movement has not affected change as far as I know. It seems it will not affect change. For now, at least.

I give up.

It’s embarrassing, but true.

Perhaps some day the other sailors on the sea of the Canadian cultural landscape will become sick of the overwhelming currents of Negativity and Snark. And on that day The Earnestness Movement will become relevant.

But for now, I am going to go off and live as Earnest a life as I can, saying a big hearty “YES!” to all things that represent goodness, love, excitement, opportunity, and adventure. I hope you will join me.

As a parting thought: I reached out to Neil Pasricha a while ago. He’s founder of the 1000awesomethings blog and book (a very Earnest endeavour indeed!). I asked him for an Earnestness Tip to add to the stable I was trying to build.

I’ll leave you with what he had to say:

“Whatever you’re thinking about doing one day, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it.”


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