It’s not easy to be Earnest in this Ironic world. But with Snarkiness, Cynicism, Sarcasm, and *shudder* Hipsterism taking over the cultural landscape, NOW is the time to be brave, be earnest, and be yourself!

A bit confused? There’s a whole philosophical explanation of the Movement right here: The Earnestness Explainer Pamphlet . Or, if a 2-minute video is more your style, how about this:

To join us, share your tips on how to reclaim Sincerity from the spectre of Sarcasm. Your tip or tips can be as creative or as perfunctory as you like. Check out our Flickr or Vimeo sites to get an idea of the different ways you might like to contribute. Or email us at theearnestnessmovement… over at gmail. And now, a plea: Don’t let the creative possibilities overwhelm you– the important thing is to take part!

Welcome to the Earnestness Movement.

(The Earnestness Movement was founded by Canadian journalist and producer, Brianna Goldberg.)


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