Instructional Cartoon!

28 May


The Earnestness Movement Explainer Video!

11 May

Welcome to The Earnestness Movement!

8 May

Has being ironic lost its lustre?

Are you ready to pass on passive aggressiveness and shout from the rooftops that, consarnit, you aren’t afraid to say whatever embarassing things are true?

Then this group, my friend, is for you. Let us reclaim our thoughts and feelings from the spectre of Sarcasm.

(I mean, after all, it’s just saying the opposite of what you mean. And that’s just not a very funny concept, when you think about it.)

Welcome to The Earnestness Movement.

Now that you’re in– *insert hearty handshake here*– why don’t you show it? We’re building a gallery of tips on How To Be Earnest in an Ironic world. Some folks have just written out a few sentences, while others have made songs or pictures. Whichever way you’d like to contribute, we’ll appreciate.

So join us as we build The Earnestness Movement! You can find out more on our Facebook, Flickr, orĀ Vimeo! Or email us at theearnestnessmovement… over at gmail.