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Dost Thou Like Poetry?

14 Jun

We sure do. It’s one of the most Earnest things we can think of. So imagine our delight when we heard that one of our Earnie friends hosted an Earnestness-themed poetry night!

We were so excited, we weren’t sure exactly what to do. How could we give these poems the biggest bang– The big grateful kablooie they truly deserve? Should we write a press release? Should we write this as a news story? Should we make them into some sort of video?

But sometimes you just have to let the words speak for themselves.

So you: Hang in there, and check in with us tomorrow to see the first Earnestness Movement poetic submission!

In the meantime, enjoy this super awesome poetry animation… perhaps it will inspire YOU to send an Earnie poem, too!

[Youtube= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Upojbi-6dbM%5D

*Editor’s Note: You know, this whole idea brings a little tear to my eye, as it was my single hope when I first started this movement to inspire a few people in the world to be more Sincere. I know this Movement is very small. It is in its early days, and a lot of people still don’t understand. I often get frustrated that it isn’t resounding with folks the way I thought it should/hoped it would. But the fact that these poems exist is a testament to the potential of Sincerity to MOVE people. To remind us to be more truthful, more artful, more genuine in our lives. And that is really all I could have asked for. Sigh!*